Hello! My name's Chetan Narain and I'm currently an Associate Product Manager at Google, where I work on the Ads UI team to help improve the experience of users interacting with ads on the search results page.

I graduated with a degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University, which is all about how to do cool things with numbers.

And that's the kind of thing I like to do. I wrote my senior thesis on how to use math to analyze presidential campaign speeches to predict who's going to win, and I spent a year at Google's Ads Quality team helping design algorithms to more effectively find the perfect ad for a user.

I also really like to write, and take every opportunity Google gives me to do so. A poem I wrote was one of the winners of Google's exalted annual limerick contest. I've also written a number of newspaper articles — see the publications page for a few of them.

I think education is really important everywhere in the world, so I've worked with Pratham, an organization that spreads education in the slums of India, for many years. In 2006, I wrote a long piece chronicling the personal impact that Pratham had on six children from the slums. I talked with the children, their parents, and their teachers and that they all dreamed of finishing their primary education and proceeding onto college.

The reality of the slums is rarely that rosy, however, so my brother, Akshar, tracked down the same children five years later and wrote a longer piece detailing their educational progress, successes, and failures. In the summer of 2013, he went back to India to teach music to some children in the Pratham system and wrote another excellent report on his experience there.